New Mexico captured in a lamp. Being a larger lamp than the other New Mexico themed lamps, I was able to capture more aspects of NM. Starting with the shade. It is a four sided shade highlighting the Zia symbol, a roadrunner, a yucca and two hot air balloons (the state aircraft). I had to include The Smokey the Bear hot air balloon. Not only was Smokey rescued from a fire here in NM, but I was fortunate to ride in that balloon one year when it was at the White Sands! The shade is a golden tone hinting back to our state flag. In the jar, I have a bed of "white" sand as a tribute to our one of a kind treasure here, the White Sands. On the "sand," I have different pieces of the desert I picked up on a recent outing. The jar contains pieces of mesquite, tumbleweed, cholla, yucca pods, the spine of a prickly pear, as well as genuine turquoise stones. I then created a ristra which stands out beautifully against that white.


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Lamp height is 16" overall.

The lamp shade measures 10" at the bottom.

The jar is square shaped being approximately 6" on each side.