A look of leather gives charm to this Mason jar lamp. The soft light perfectly highlights the pine cones in the jar. But, look at that elk shed antler! The uniqueness of this lampshade is the shed is completely hidden when the light is off. However, when you turn on the light, the antler is "found." I have filled the jar with Douglas Fir pine cones from my backyard. There are different years of pine cones allowing for different shades of that distinctive mountain treasure found under the pines. However, the jar is not limited to pine cones. The lid is easily removable and can be filled with whatever distinctive look that fits your home.

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Lamp height is 16" overall.

The lamp shade measures 6" at the top, 10" at the bottom.

The Mason jar is a half gallon size.

Yes, I will sell just lamp shades.  Contact me for what you are looking for.

Shipping is USPS  to U.S. addresses only.