I just love fall time and all the grasses heading out and wildflowers in bloom. This one captures several species of grass with few dandelions thrown in. The pictures show all angles with and without the light on. I also added one picture with an empty jar. We can do that to add whatever you want for your home. I was thinking even birdseed would look nice complimenting this shade. Again, no hidden image, but can be easily added. A quail? Or a bird you enjoy seeing in your backyard. Maybe yard tools or an tractor? Let me know and we will see if it can work.

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Lamp height is 13 1/2" overall.

The lamp shade measures 8" at the bottom.

The Mason jar is a quart size.

Yes, I will sell just lamp shades.  Contact me for what you are looking for.

Shipping to US addresses only via USPS.