A one of a kind and never to be duplicated by me rawhide and elk antler cross. The rawhide is hand stitched with rawhide lacing and turquoise sewn into the hide. This particular cross has no turquoise, but I will sew in if you would like to suit your home. I have about 15 rawhide crosses from my inventory that I will sell. As I unpack and inspect them, I will get them listed. Once they are gone, there will be no more as I am unable to work with the rawhide anymore. Rawhide is a natural material and will need to be "conditioned" about once a year. It comes conditioned and I will include a packet of Vaquero Rawhide conditioner for your first conditioning.

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Cross is approximately 20" x 14" x 1 1/2".

Hanger is already attached, so ready to hang right away.

Beads are sewn in, not glued for lasting beauty.

Shipping is included through USPS.  If you request anything additional, actual shipping rates apply.